Perfect conditions produced a good day out for Cadbury marathon runners


Perfect conditions met more than 1600 runners in the Cadbury Marathon held at the iconic factory this morning.

An early start and overcast sky met the competitors of the marathon, the first of four races of the morning.

A quick start from course record holder Scott McTaggett saw a break away of four runners move away from the field early on.

Eventual winner Alex Matthews believes luck might have got him across the line first this time.

“At the 30 – 35 kilometre mark the first and second placed runners slowed down, I think they hit the wall and I just kept the same place and ran straight past them, I was very lucky I think”.

Winner of the women’s marathon event and current Australian marathon champion Kristen Molley enjoyed the success of winning but had her eye on Hanny Alstons course record from 2007.

“I’m actually a little bit disappointed, I’ll take the win any day of the week, that was fantastic, but that time was a little bit slow for me”

“I was after the course record and unfortunately I didn’t get that, so I guess I’ll have to come back next year”.

The half-marathon was taken out Dave Thomas in the men’s and Lauren Shelly in the women’s.

An enthusiastic Shelley enjoyed her Hobart outing.

“This is my first half-marathon for about 15 months, so it’s my best for a while so I’m wrapped”

“I really enjoyed the course, a little bit challenging, especially towards the end there were a few little rises, a lovely morning, no wind, it was good conditions and I had fun out there”.