Jan 8th 2023

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The Easter Marathon is one of Tasmania's favourite family runs

There are five events to choose from allowing people from all walks of life and with varying levels of fitness to get involved.  

event times

Starts at 6:00am from the start line, and loops twice around the Cadbury Estate, heads out along the Brooker Highway and across the Bowen Bridge.  Another loop of the Bowen Bridge before returning back up to the finish line where the event started. 
Starts at 6:30am from the same start line, follows a short loop through the Cadbury Estate then heads out of the Cadbury estate and across the Bowen Bridge before returning back up to the finish line where the event started.
Starts at 9:15am from the 10km start line, head straight down Cadbury Road and onto Main Road.  run past the MONA Museum and along the Brooker Highway.  Turn around at Montrose Bay High School and head back to the finish line.
Starts at 9:20am from the 5km start line, head East along Bourneville Crescent towards the nearby Claremont Golf Club.  Enter the club and follow the route around the Golf Course, then exit the Golf Course, run up Bourneville Crescent back onto Cadbury Road.  Follow a hard left and up through the finish line.
Starts at 9:25am from the 1km start line, head down Bourneville Crescent before turning back to run up Cadbury Road.  Follow the fork in the road on the way into Cadbury and finish under the same finish line as all events.

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