January 12 2020


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Cadbury marathon

The cadbury Marathon - 42.2km

Get involved in one of Tasmania's favourite events, The Cadbury Marathon.  Run a scenic course that brings with it some interesting challenges.  and of course, get some chocolate!

event Information

Date Sunday January 12 2020
Distance 42.195km
Start Time 6:00am
Cut Off Time 12:00pm
Field Limit N/A
Start Line Road out the front of the Cadbury Chocolate Factory
Finish Line Finish Line at the Cadbury Chocolate Factory
Age Limit 18 years or older on race day
Registration Cut Off 2pm Saturday January 11 2020

entry fees & inclusions

Event Regular Fee Late Fee
(from 2 Jan onward)
Cadbury Marathon $90 $110
CM + TAS Championships $80 $95


  • Entry
  • Race Bib
  • Safety Pins
  • Race Information Booklet
  • Optional Post-Run Massage
  • Finishers Medal

course description

  1. Start on Cadbury Road out the front of the Cadbury Chocolate Factory
  2. Head west to Somerdale Road, turn right and run the first of 2 laps around Cadbury Estate. Turn right at Mitcham Road, left at Keynsham Road, right at Moreton Crescent. Right into Mitcham Road, left into Bourneville Crescent, cross over the start line and repeat.
  3. After 2 laps of Cadbury Estate, continue West, on Cadbury Road, down hill past the Claremont Primary School where the first drink station is located. Stay on Cadbury Road, until you get to Windemere Primary School, where you enter the school on the first lap and do a circuit of the entrance (on the first lap only).
  4. Come out of Windermere Primary, turn left to the end of Cadbury Road and left onto Main Road. Continue on main road past the second drink station at the 6km mark. Stay on Main Road, past MONA, then onto the Brooker Highway.
  5. Continue on Brooker Highway until the Derwent Entertainment Centre where you turn left and continue on Llyods Lane until Goodwood Road, where the third drink station will be at the 12km mark.
  6. Turn left on Goodwood Road and run across the Bowen Bridge. The turn point is located where Goodwood Road becomes the East Derwent Highway. Participants then head back the same way you came, with the turn point located for the second lap at Claremont Primary School.
  7. Repeat the same course, with the exception of the small loop at Windermere Primary School.
  8. Once crossing the Bowen Bridge for the second time, turn and run back to finish at the Cadbury Chocolate Factory

course map



becoming a pacer

Pacer Applications are managed by the Tasmanian Road Runners (TRR).

Pace Group Leaders will be expected to run at an even pace for the entire distance of their event and to offer encouragement and information along the way. Keeping to your allocated pace and communication between yourself and the athletes within your Pace Group is extremely important if everyone is to continue as a group.  

Pace Groups will be announced closer to the event.  Contact TRR  for more information.  

running with a pacer

  • If you are a participating athlete and wish to join a Pace Group, please look out for the Pace Group signs at the Start Area on race day
  • You do not need to register your interest
  • All Pace Group Leaders will be easily identifiable in Tasmanian Road Runner tops with their particular pace time clearly visible on a flag attached to their back.

drink stations

Claremont Primary School 4 Water
Berriedale Road 7 Water
Goodwood Rd, Army Barracks 12 Water
Goodwood Rd, Army Barracks 16 Water
Berriedale Road 21 Water
Claremont Primary School 23 Water
Berriedale Road 25 Water
Goodwood Rd, Army Barracks 30 Water
Goodwood Rd, Army Barracks 34 Water
Berriedale Road 39 Water
Claremont Primary School 41 Water
*Please note Drink Station Locations are subject to Change

personal drink stations

Marathon competitors who wish to have their own refreshments available to collect from designated Drink Stations on course during Race Day must drop these off at The Running Edge by 2pm Saturday the day before the event.
  • Drink containers are not to be any taller than 21cm in total including all attachments
  • Special Drinks Drop off will close at 2.00pm
  • No Balloons/Sticks are to be attached
  • Your race number must be clearly shown on the bottle container
  • It is your responsibility to find your own bottle at the Personal Drinks Station
  • You must not drop your bottle on course it must be dropped in the Event Waste Zone
  • The Personal Drinks service is available to competitors in the full marathon only

prize money

FIRST PLACE $1,200 $1,200
SECOND PLACE $600 $600
THIRD PLACE $300 $300
*Amounts in AUD
Time bonus of $1,000 will apply for the first male to run under 2 hours 20 minutes and the first female to run under 2 hours 45 minutes.

sponsors & supporters

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