With 2 weeks to go we thought it was time to catch up with our tireless race director, Shelley Miller.


Shelley,  how’s it looking so far?  Is everything under control?

Under control is just a perception we create for the participants. Behind the scenes it’s always mayhem!

 I know it’s too early to tell but is it looking like any records will be broken?  Attendance numbers or otherwise?

A bit early to tell for attendance as we haven’t yet entered the famous Tasmanian last minute rush but we’ve got some top runners including previous winners entered so I am looking forward to seeing some battles out there on the road.

Of all the events at the Cadbury Marathon, which one is your favourite ?Shelley-at-Comrades-300x480

The marathon of course!

It starts and finishes at a chocolate factory. What else do you need?

I also love seeing local people test themselves in the marathon, we don’t have many marathons in Tassie so it’s a great chance for some people to take on their first and create some special memories.

Any idea how much chocolate will be handed out on the day?

We will be handing out thousands of Cadbury bars, Caramellos and Freddos. And those decadent baskets for the place getters are amazing!
We know the race spots are filling up fast, any message for the fence sitters out there?

Just enter. What are you waiting for? And we have limited supplies of goodies so if you’re too late…..

Any personal tips or hints for our runners on the day? 

Personally I find that standing on the start line knowing you have trained consistently without taking shortcuts is the best feeling. Then the nerves are due to excitement rather than dread!

Hydrate properly during the event especially as it may warm up later in the morning.

Don’t worry about not sleeping the night before, instead make sure you get a few consecutive good nights of sleep in the week leading up to the event.

Prepare your shoes and shirt with your timing chip and bib the day before if you can.

And when it starts to hurt – start smiling! It will help to relax you.

Shelley thanks for taking the time out from your busy schedule.  We know what a perfectionist you are and look forward to a well organised event on the day.

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