Running a business while bringing up two young boys was personally challenging

Ali started running to clear her head and her whole life changed as a result.  Here’s her story.

Well, the past 10 years have been exceptionally challenging.  Raising 2 boys on my own as well as running my own company meant I was extremely busy and constantly being pulled in many directions at once.   At the time I was dealing with a lot of stress in all areas of my life.

I knew that i needed some “me” time.  So I began running regularly to clear my head and
Ali3-800x500 give myself a break.  This soon became my coping mechanism and an integral part of my life.  After a period of time I really wanted to push myself and make myself stronger so i joined Genesis Fitness.  In that time i have really worked on managing my life balance and have made some serious changes.  To meet all my commitments and be the very best I could be I discovered that staying fit made a huge difference.  I also wanted to keep up with my very active boys as well as set a good example for them.

I began to extend my work outs and saw a personal trainer to make sure I was doing things right.  The changes in my mind, body and self-confidence have never been more dramatic.  I feel fit and strong and positive.  It’s given me the confidence to push my career into areas I didn’t imagine possible.  These days I prioritise my workouts because they are the centre of who I am and who I want to be.

Ali4-400x500Looking back at where my life was a few years back, I never imagined that I would be as fit and strong as I am now.  I remember looking at fit and healthy mums on the beach admiring them for their strength and tone.  Something I never imagined I would have!

I wouldn’t say this has been an easy journey, nothing worthwhile is ever achieved easily!

Along the way there were many times where I thought I’d bitten off way more than i could chew.  Raising the boys while running a company which at it’s peak employed 20+ people was full on.  Throw in some extremely stressful personal situations in which I felt I had no control and the thought of attempting to regain my fitness was enough to make me wanted to run away to a desert island.  It was just to hard.  I was constantly exhausted but unable to sleep, sound familiar?

I’ve never been a quitter so I channeled all my stress, anger and frustration into my training, using it as time where I could focus on myself for a bit.  Yes there used to be a lot of self-doubt, even today I still have my moments but it all comes down to making good life choices.  if you want to do something, anything, don’t make excuses, don’t focus on the negatives, make it happen!!! make the right choices for yourself and be kind to yourself.

Be the you you want to be.

 What an inspiration.  Thank you Ali for sharing your story with us.  We look forward to seeing you on the day.


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