Under the spotlight today we have Andrew Hopwood from Hopwood Enterprises.

Andrew keeps busy during the day as a publisher’s agent, distributor and publisher.  To keep the work/life balance in check, he runs.

How long have you been running and why did you start?
I started running when I played footy, which was when I had colour in my hair! Not particularly over endowed with natural skill I worked on the theory of getting fitter so that at the end of the game I might pick up a kick or two!

How important is regular exercise to you and what impact does it have on your life?AH-1-1
Very.  I have two sons who call me the “old man” and I think that by maintaining a good level of fitness it enables me to keep up! Having said that I can’t compete when it comes to eating as they graze continually!

What’s your advice for anyone thinking about entering an event at the Cadbury Marathon?
There isn’t always next year! Over the past couple of years I lost my brother and farther to cancer.  So as the sports company says, “just do it”. Sadly when you get to the lofty age of 53, or should I say experienced age, you should grab all opportunities and set yourself attainable goals as it has great reward potential.

How are you going to celebrate after the finish line on January 11?
That is somewhat presumptuous to think I will finish but on the off chance my old legs get me there I will feel very satisfied  to think I have achieved my goal and I think a celebratory bbq and a glass of red or two is in order. Oh and a block of Cadbury chocolate to refuel !


Andrew, we love your attitude and wish you a very good run on the day!


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