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Cadbury Marathon

Distance:  42.195km42_2km map

Minimum age:  16 years Start Time: 6am start   START – On Cadbury Road out the front of the Cadbury Chocolate Factory

Head west to Somerdale Road, turn right and run the first of 2 laps around Cadbury Estate.   Turn right at Mitcham Road, left at Keynsham Road, right at Moreton Crescent. Right into Mitcham Road, left into Bourneville Crescent, cross over the start line and repeat.

After 2 laps of Cadbury Estate, continue West, on Cadbury Road, down hill past the Claremont Primary School where the first drink station is located. Stay on Cadbury Road, until you get to Windemere Primary School, where you enter the school on the first lap and do a circuit of the entrance (on the first lap only).

Come out of Windermere Primary, turn left to the end of Cadbury Road and left onto Main Road. Continue on main road past the second drink station at the 6km mark.  Stay on Main Road, past MONA, then onto the Brooker Highway.

Continue on Brooker Highway until the Derwent Entertainment Centre where you turn left and continue on Llyods Lane until Goodwood Road, where the third drink station will be at the 12km mark.

Turn left on Goodwood Road and run across the Bowen Bridge.  The turn point is located where Goodwood Road becomes the East Derwent Highway. Participants then head back the same way you came, with the turn point located for the second lap at Claremont Primary School.

Repeat the same course, with the exception of the small loop at Windermere Primary School.

Once crossing the Bowen Bridge for the second time, turn and run back to finish at the Cadbury Chocolate Factory

There are 3 drink stations located at the following (distances rounded to the nearest kilometre):

Claremont Primary School – just where marathon runners begin their second lap.  Located at the 4km, 23km and 41km marks.

Berriedale, on the north side of MONA – 7km, 21km, 25km, 39km

Goodwood, at the entrance to the Army Barracks – 12km, 16km, 30km, 34km

To see the GPS recorded course, log into Garmin Connect and go to http://connect.garmin.com/course/7821094

Cadbury Marathon elevation

Cadbury Half Marathon

Distance:  21.1 km21_1km map

Minimum age:  16 years Start Time: 6:30am start     START:  Out the front of the Cadbury Factory.

Runners head west to Somerdale Road, then turn right onto Mitcham Road, right onto Bourneville Avenue and then back onto Cadbury Road.  Follow Cadbury Road down the Cadbury Estate hill to Main Road.

Turn left onto Main Road and run past the Berriedale drink station, onto the Brooker Highway. Follow the Brooker Highway until you turn left at Lloyds Lane and enter the Derwent Entertainment Centre.

Exit at Goodwood road where the third drink station is and turn left onto Goodwood Road. Cross the Bowen Bridge and turn around where the road becomes the East Derwent Highway.  Run back and finish at the Cadbury Chocolate Factory.

There are 3 drink stations located at the following (distances rounded to the nearest kilometer):

Claremont Primary School – just where marathon runners begin their second lap.  Located at the 2km, 20km

Berriedale, on the north side of MONA – 4km, 18km

Goodwood, at the entrance to the Army Barracks – 9km, 13km

Distance:  10 kmCadbury Marathon 10km sponsored by Oxygn8

Minimum age:  12 years Start Time: 9:45am start   START Out the front of the Cadbury Chocolate Factory

Head straight down Cadbury Road and onto Main Road.  Turn left onto Main Road, run past Mona Museum and onto the Brooker Highway.  The turnaround point will be on the Brooker Highway out the front of Montrose Bay High School.

It’s an out and back course with drink stations at 1km, 3km, 7km and 9km.

Cadbury Marathon Oxygn8 10km event


The Running Edge 5k

Distance:  5 km5km map

Minimum age:  7 years Start Time: 8:45am start   START – Out the front of the Cadbury Chocolate Factory.

Run East on Bourneville Crescent towards the Claremont Golf Club.

Enter the Claremont Golf Club and turn right, down the first tee.  The route then goes around the Claremont Golf Course, coming up and down one fairway.

Participants then exit the Claremont Golf Course, run up Bourneville Crescent, onto Cadbury Road.

A hard left is then made at the fork coming into Cadbury and participants finish at the same finish line as all events.

A drink station will be provided on the Claremont Golf Course.

Cadbury Mini Marathon

Distance:  1 kmCadbury 1km event

Maximum age:  12 years (unless an adult accompanying a child)

Start Time: 10:00am   START –  Outside the Cadbury Chocolate Factory on Cadbury Road.

Participants head down Bourneville Crescent before turning back to run up Cadbury Road. Participants then head to the fork in the road on the way into Cadbury and finish under the same finish line arch as all events.

Elite Athletes
The Cadbury Marathon will provide assistance to any athlete who has a performance since 1 January 2014 faster than:


  • Men – 2:25
  • Women – 2:50

Half – Marathon

  • Men – 1:08
  • Women – 1:20

* International athletes will be responsible for their own travel into Australia and visa applications.

If you are at this level and interested, please email the race director.


The Cadbury Marathon and Cadbury Half Marathon includes the Tasmanian Marathon Championships and the Tasmanian Half Marathon Championships

To be eligible for Tasmanian Championships you must be a registered member of Athletics Tasmania. State medals will be awarded in open age groups only. To find out more about registering with Athletics Tasmania go to www.tasathletics.org.au

Entry Fee Schedule

Event Fee  2 Jan (Late Fee)
Cadbury Marathon $    90.00  $                   110.00
Cadbury Marathon plus Tas Champs $    80.00  $                    95.00
Cadbury Half Marathon $    80.00  $                    95.00
Cadbury Half Marathon plus Tas Champs $    70.00  $                    85.00
Oxgyn8 – 10km – ADULT $    35.00  $                    45.00
Oxgyn8 – 10km – CHILD $    15.00  $                    25.00
Running Edge 5km Walk/Run – ADULT $    25.00  $                    35.00
Running Edge 5km Walk/Run – CHILD $    15.00  $                    25.00
Cadbury 1km $       5.00  $                      5.00

Looking for a Pace Runner?

Once again the Tasmanian Road Runners are providing pace runners for the following times.

 Marathon: 3:30, 3:45, 4:00

Half: 1:30, 1:45 2:00, 2:15

10k: 45, 50, 55 & 60 minutes


Foot soldiers will be in the Half, 10k and 5k.  These guys always make sure to come dead last so that you don't have to!

Tasmanian Road Runners - Pacers - Angels

VIP Package

Want to make your marathon or half-marathon experience extra special? Our Very Important Participants (VIP) package could be just want you need to make your race day complete. Read here to find out more.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions!

How do I get to the event?

What time does it start?

How much does it cost and more…


All finishers will receive a Cadbury bag and chocolate at the finish line.  Depending on which event you are in you could also get a medal and finisher’s t-shirt.

Further Prize details are available here.

Race Day Catering

There will be a number of catering options available on race day after the event.


While running a marathon is a massive effort, organising one requires a huge amount of work also.

If you are interested in volunteering to help out at the Cadbury Marathon, then we would love to hear from you.

Helpers will receive goodies from our sponsors and will be required for various tasks including; course marshalls, drinks station helpers, finish line helpers and various other roles.

To register your interest in helping out, please use our contact details here.

Sunday 12 January 2020


Entries Open in September 2019.

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