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cadbury results

All past results can be found here. Click on an event year to see your results.

cadbury marathon history

From humble beginnings, the Cadbury Marathon rolled into existence back in 1984. Since then, thousands have participated in Tasmania’s largest marathon, with some out to break records, with others aiming to accomplish a lifelong goal of completing a marathon.

Cadbury has been the major partner every step of the way. The current course starts and finishes at the picturesque Cadbury Estate in the northern suburbs of Hobart, taking in many of Hobart’s scenic delights such as Mt Wellington and the Derwent River.

The following runners have run and won the Cadbury Marathon, over its 33 year history. Congratulations to the following list of Cadbury Marathon winners who are welcome back anytime!

Course records are:

Half Marathon (Men – 1:03:33, Women – 1:14:00)

Full Marathon (Men – 2:23:39, Women – 2:46:27)


YearNameStateTime NameStateTime
1984Robyn WallaceTas3.32.34 Lindsay WebbTas2.24.52
1985Trudy FentonTas2.55.11 Chris FrenchTas2.29.03
1986Trudy FentonTas2.54.56 Garth FoleyTas2.25.45
1987Theresa LittlerTas3.12.39 Russell FoleyTas2.21.35
1988Sue Baker-FinchTas3.10.17 Viv WoodwardTas2.26.02
1989Diana VansonTas2.57.01 Garth FoleyTas2.27.45
1990Diana VansonTas2.48.56 John TuckeyNSW2.28.32
1991Trish ThorpeTas3.03.41 Dean GiblinTas2.25.24
1992Sonya BourchierTas4.11.09 Garth FoleyTas2.30.40
1993Tracey HarwoodTas4.24.57 Colin SolomonTas2.42.00
1994Sonia BourchierTas4.34.08 Chris FrenchTas2.38.08
1995Chery HorneTas3.10.55 Colin OliverTas2.23.59
1996Janet UpcherTas3.38.45 Simon PhillipsTas2.30.45
1997Janet UpcherTas3.25.24 Colin OliverTas2.24.09
1998Janet UpcherTas3:42:04 Colin OliverTas2:24:33
1999Marion TaylorTas3:12:17 Tim SloanTas2:26:32
2000Margaret TaylorTas3.09.28 Michael McIntyreVic2.26.17
2001Margaret TaylorTas3.12.16 Gerald OldfieldTas2.35.30
2002Janet UpcherTas3.16.33 Jeremy HorneVic2.33.40
2003Janet UpcherTas3:21:27 Colin OliverTas2:33:44
2004Elizabeth BenettACT3.23.29 Colin OliverTas2:39:35
2005Corinna KellyTas3.13.57 Kim GillardTas2.31.32
2006Marie Heitz 3.34.42 Tim SloanTas2.43.39
2007Hanny AllstonTas2.46.27 Jeremy HorneNSW2.38.18
2008Melinda ShuttTas3.11.56 Jarrod ShawTas2.44.52
2009Elizabeth BenettACT3.16.14 Dave CrinitiNSW2.29.55
2010Sharon RyderQLD3:01.25 Scott McTaggartACT2:23.39
2011Sharon RyderQLD3:03.59 Trent HarlowVIC2:30.22
2012Kirsten MolloyNSW2:48:53 Alex MathewsNSW2:28:07
2013Natalie WallaceVic3:15:42 Mathew FenechACT2:28:48
2014Kirsten MolloyNSW2:58:02 Matthew FenechSA2:33:07
2015Sheena JacksonSA3:02:30 Dave CrinitiNSW2:25:48
2016Sheena JacksonSA3:10:58 Thomas MurtonTAS2:37:28
2017Kirsten MolloyNSW2:52:41 Josh HarrisTAS2:28:56
2018Gemma JenkinsNSW2:51:26 Dane VerweyVIC2:24:54

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