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dates and costs

What time does it start?

The Cadbury Marathon will be on Sunday 13 January 2019. There are 5 events to choose from:

  • Cadbury Marathon – 42.195km (min age 16 years) – 6am start
  • Cadbury Half Marathon – 21.1km (min age 16 years) – 6:30am start
  • Oxgyn8 10k – 10km (min age 12 years) – 9:45am start
  • The Running Edge 5k – 5km (min age 7 years) – 8:45am start
  • Cadbury Mini Marathon – under 1km (maximum age 12, unless accompanying a child) – 10am start

When do entries close?

Online entries will stay open until 2pm Saturday 12th January.  Simple enter online and come into The Running Edge to collect your race pack. 

Late entry is available on race day up to 20 minutes before the start of each event. *Late entry fees commence on January 2.

The following caps on fields will apply:

Cadbury Marathon – 450

Cadbury Half Marathon – 900

Oxgyn8 – 10k – 500

The Running Edge 5km – 500

Caramello Mini Marathon – 400

Can I change events?

Transfers close at 6pm Friday January 4.

Please email cadbury_marathon@tasathletics.org.au for transfers.

How much does it cost to enter?


Event Standard Entry

Late Entry (from 2nd Jan)

 Cadbury Marathon $90


Cadbury Half Marathon$80


Oxgyn8 – 10k Run  








Running Edge 5km Walk/Run  








Cadbury 1km$5


withdrawals - Do you offer any refunds?

If you advise us prior to December 4, then we will provide you with a refund less a $20 administration charge to recover costs. 

No refunds will be provided after December 5.

When can I collect my race number?

From The Running Edge shop, 73 Murray Street Hobart.  Race kit collection will occur on the following days.  Please note that no race numbers will be mailed out.

  • For those who entered online:
    • Thursday 9 Jan – Friday 10 Jan : 11am – 5:00pm 
    • Saturday 11 Jan: 10:00am – 4:00pm 
  • Bib collection for paper entries is on Sunday 13 January at the race precinct

Don’t worry if you can’t get your number in the days leading up to the event. Just allow yourself another 30 min on the morning of the race and you can collect your race number and timing chip on race morning from the race precinct.

Course Details

Where are the start and finish lines?

Refer to the image below to see where the following features are located:

  • Start line
  • Finish line
  • Bag Drop / Late Entry / Number Pickup
  • Water
  • Food / Coffee
  • Toilets (at Cadbury location)
  • VIP/Elite area

Where does the course go?

All races start and finish at the Cadbury Chocolate Factory, Cadbury Estate Claremont.  

See the individual events on our Event Information page for details and maps.

Is the course measured to IAAF standards?

The Cadbury Marathon, Cadbury Half Marathon and OXYGN8 10km events are all IAAF/AIMS Grade A measured.

Do you have pace runners?

Yes we do, depending on demand and availability.

Pacers are provided by Tasmanian Road Runners www.tasmanianroadrunners.org.au

What are the conditions like?

This event is held during the Australian summer, however given that Hobart is so far south, the conditions are generally very pleasant for distance running.

Given the early start, the temperature has historically been in the low 20s, with the past few years providing generous sunshine throughout the event, without being too hot.

What are the course records?

Men: Scott McTaggart – 2.23.39 (2010)

Women: Hanny Allston 2.46.27 (2007)

These will go down in history however, as the new course commenced in 2013.

Event Info

What are the cutoff times?

  • The Cadbury Marathon and Cadbury Half Marathon are events for people of all standards of running and walking. We ask that you respect the distance and do adequate preparation before lining up on the start line. Tasmanian police have instructed that the following time limits will apply, so that roads can be re-opened at 12 noon:

    • Cadbury Marathon – 6 hours
    • Cadbury Half Marathon – 4 hours
    • Oxygn8 – 10k – 2 hours
    • The Running Edge 5k – 3 hours
    • Cadbury Mini Marathon – N/A

What is a ‘VIP’ pass?

Cadbury Marathon and Cadbury Half Marathon participants can purchase a ‘VIP’ pass for an extra special race day experience. Take the stress out of your race day by relaxing in the VIP zone and skip the queues for toilets, bag drop, massage and food and drinks.

Simply add it to your cart when you enter online and you receive access to the VIP area on race day including:

  • Post-race breakfast
  • Espresso coffee vendor
  • Secure bag drop area
  • Dedicated portaloos and massage therapists
  • Water and stretching areas to use before and after the race
  • Prime viewing position next to the finish line
  • And of course lots of chocolate!

What championships are being held within the event?

The Cadbury Marathon and Cadbury Half Marathon includes the Tasmanian State Marathon and Half Marathon Championships.

For more information on registering go to www.tasathletics.org.au.

Do you allow team entries?

Yes we do!  Enter a team in our Run Down Under Teams division and you could win some great prizes.  Simply create a team in the online entry platform when you enter online, or ‘join’ the team if it already exists.’

Will I get a finisher’s medal?

Participants in all events except the Cadbury Mini Marathon will receive a finisher’s medal (100% of entry fees from the Cadbury 1km are donated to The Clown Doctors).

Use of MP3 players and iPods

We strongly recommend that participants do not wear headphones when competing, so you are able to hear requests from fellow competitors, police, marshals and traffic.

This is also for fairness of your fellow competitors, as you will all be sharing the road in various events.

Although the roads are closed there will be emergency services vehicles on the course so please be aware of motorbikes, cars and ambulances travelling on the course.

I’m running with my child in the Cadbury Mini Marathon – do I need to enter?

Yes.  All participants need to be entered so they are covered for insurance.  100% of the entry money for the Cadbury Mini Marathon is donated to the Clown Doctors.

Travel to Cadbury

Buses will depart from and return to the Travelodge Hobart, corner of Harrington and Macquarie Streets in Hobart.  Bookings are being taken online when you enter and the cost is $5 each way.  Buses will also return to the Travelodge Hobart after the event.  Buses will operate on the following timetable with each trip taking 20 minutes:

From Travelodge Hobart to race precinct at Cadbury

  • 4:30am
  • 4:45am
  • 5:00am
  • 5:15am
  • 5:30am
  • 5:45am
  • 6:00am
  • 6:15am
  • 7:30am
  • 8:00am
  • 8:30am
  • 9:00am

From Cadbury race precinct to Travelodge Hobart

  • 10:00am
  • 10:30am
  • 11:00am
  • 11:30am
  • 12:00pm

Important: When making your way to Cadbury estate, please allow additional time in your travel, as road closures will be in place for the event and police will be facilitating traffic to Cadbury.  Plans are in place to give competitors priority in travelling to Cadbury, but please don't leave it to the last minute.


Parking is limited at Cadbury Estate and we encourage participants to  allow extra time to get to the race precinct.

There will be 3 carparks operating.  The Cadbury Carpark is free and will be open early and will close once it is full or at 5:50am, whichever comes first.

The Cadbury Cricket Ground will open at 7:45am and is next to the Cadbury carpark. There is limited parking available here.

The final carpark option is the Village green opposite Claremont Plaza, less than 1km walk to the race precinct. It will be operated by the local St Annes Cricket Club and the cost will be a $5 donation to the club.

What training can we do in the lead up?

On Wednesday nights at 5:45pm a free social running group leaves from The Running Edge in Murray Street. All levels are catered for.

Bag drop

You can leave a bag at the race admin area.

Simply use the bag tag on your race number to attach to your bag and hand it into our admin team at Cadbury.

Loose items such as keys or phones will not be accepted unless in a tagged bag.

Are there different starting groups?

No, there will be one start for each event.

The front row is reserved for elite entrants who will be identifiable by their bibs. As a courtesy to faster runners please line up at the start line according to your ability.

Who organises the Cadbury Marathon?

Athletics Tasmania is the owner and organiser of the event which is conducted as the State Marathon and Half Marathon Championships.

The Race Director is Richard Welsh of Epic Events and Marketing.

upgrade / downgrade - Can I change events?

If you would like to change event this can be done by contacting us here.  Please ensure that your email contains your full name and date of birth.  Changes after January 5 will not be possible.


Can I buy merchandise?

Yes, you can buy Cadbury Marathon race apparel either online when you register or on the day at the event.  Check out our cool merch here.

Can I check my online entry?

Yes you can. Click here to search for your entry.

What age limits apply to events?

Cadbury Marathon follows the Athletics Australia FIT Model which makes recommendations on minimum ages for different events.

Event RangeMinimum Age Recommendations(s)
 5kmParticipation from 11 - 12 years onwards
 10kmParticipation from 13 - 14 years onwards
 Half MarathonParticipation from 16 years onwards
MarathonParticipation from 18 years onwards
UltraParticipation from 18 - 20 years + for Marathon to 100km Ultras

You can find out more about this here.




What if my Garmin, IPod, Smart device, shows a slightly different time than the official race time?

How accurate your Garmin can be is affected by the number of satellites in direct view of the GPS receiver and anything that can interfere with this such as trees, cloud cover, mountains, hills, power lines, etc.

If you lose reception, time will still move on but your ‘moving time’ may differ.

Do you use Gun Time or Net Time?

The Cadbury Marathon will award results based on gun time in accordance with the IAAF standards for marathons. Gun time is the time the start gun is fired.

Your start time will be recorded as the gun time regardless of the actual time you cross the start line (ie if it takes you 5 seconds to cross the start line, your start time will still be 6:00:00am, not 6:00:05am). Finish time will be recorded as you cross the finish mat.


Timing chips

All participants except the Cadbury 1KM entrants will be issued with a timing chip attached to the back of your bib.  The timing chip is disposable after the event.

food, drink and bed

Where should I stay?

Travelodge Hobart is the official race hotel of the 2019 Cadbury Marathon.

A shuttle bus will depart from the Travelodge Hobart for people to get to the Cadbury Marathon precinct, you should book a ticket when you enter online.

Is there a pasta night?

There will be a pasta night at the Travelodge Hobart on the night before race day.

Vegetarian and gluten free options are available Book online when you register.

Drink stations

There will be 3 drink stations on the course, which you will pass twice on each loop.  Each drink station will have water and electrolyte drink.  Locations are;

Claremont Primary School (4km, 23km and 41km for the marathon, 2km and 20km for half marathon) Berriedale, just north of MONA (7km, 21km, 25km and 39km for the marathon and 4km and 18km for the half marathon) Goodwood at the entrance to the Army Barracks (12km, 16km, 30km and 34km for the marathon and 9km and 13km for the half marathon)

For the Get Fit Tas10k, there will be drinks at the 1km, 4km, 7km and 9km.

A drink station will also be provided on The Running Edge 5k course.  See the course maps and drink station locations here.

Personal drinks

Participants in the full marathon can leave personal drinks at The Running Edge by 3:30pm on Saturday 12 January or at the Race Precinct at Cadbury Estate on race morning by 5:15am.

Please ensure you place them in the correct containers for each of the three stations. This service is only offered for the full marathon.

What food will be available?

All finishers will receive water and fruit.

Food vendors will be onsite to provide hot food.  Gluten free and vegetarian options will be available.


Portaloos will be available at the race precinct, plus there are public toilets at the Claremont Tennis Club, roughly 200m from the race precinct that you can use.

Portaloos will be available at each drink station.

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